Razan Ibraheem

Journalist & Human Rights Activist

why book razan?

  • Expert in researching online misinformation, has reported and verified videos from conflict zones, contributing to major media outlets globally.
  • A regular contributor to Irish media, her verification work has been featured in reports by prominent organisations, including the New York Times, WSJ, and The Irish Times
  • Awarded International Woman of the Year by Irish Tatler, her life experiences make her a compelling storyteller passionate about challenging stereotypes


Persistence and resilience define Razan Ibraheem’s life. She was born in Syrin and raised in Latakia. In her understanding, Razan studied Irish and English literature which opened her eyes wide and made her fall in love with Ireland even before arriving. Razan worked for 10 years to afford doing masters in Limerick University.

As the uprising in her home country began, Razan witnessed six months of the conflict that carve her memories forever. Her deep sorrow for the tragic situation and the mass displacement in her homeland has led her to volunteer in Greece to help refugees. She gave a speech with the former UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, in Ireland. In 2016, she was invited by the UN to a high-level meeting on global responsibility sharing for pathways for admission of Syrian refugees.

Razan is a journalist and editor with extensive expertise in researching misinformation and disinformation online. Razan has reported and verified thousands of videos from across the world including Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Libya.

She is a regular contributor to various newspaper articles and current events programmes on Irish radio and TV.Her verification work has been included in reports across many prominent media organisations and news websites including New York Time, WSJ, and The Irish Times. Razan provided additional research for the New York Times visual investigation that won the Pulitzer Prize in 2020. Razan was awarded the International Woman of the Year by Irish Tatler in 2016.

Razan has dedicated her work to challenging stereotypes as women, an immigrant and a refugee. Throughout her life, she has failed, succeeded, risen and started from zero all over again. Her life experience has turned her to a compelling storyteller full of passion and compassion.


Social media and Misinformation

In this talk, Razan will:

  • Educate audience how to spot false news and misinformation
  • Explain how misinformation could lead to real harm
  • Educate on Media literacy
  • Speak about the positive and negative impacts of social media

Refugees and Immigration

In this talk Razan will

  • Show how to bring communities together and empower unity
  • Explain refugees issues
  • Tell inspiring and resilient stories of refugees
  • Inspire the audience to act and help bring about change

Woman’s issue and Self Care

This talk includes:

  • Discussion on self love and care as women and young girls
  • Personal stories from Razan, as a woman from the Middle East
  • Empowering women to challenge stereotype
  • Discussion of the impact of social media on women and girls

Syria and Ireland

In this talk Razan will:

  • Discuss embracing Irish culture and tell personal stories of her life in
  • Ireland and her experiences with integration
  • Speak about similarities and differences between Syria and Ireland
  • Help the audience understand the complexity of the Middle East conflicts

Razan Ibraheem