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Rory O’Connor (Rory’s Stories)

Stand Up Comedian, Mental Health Advocate, Bestselling Author

why book rory?

  • Rory O’Connor’s comedic persona, Rory’s Stories, boasts 1.2 million followers and 2 billion video views
  • Rory is a 4-time bestselling author, extending his comedic talents to the written word
  • Rory openly shares his struggles with mental health, aiming to inspire and bring positive change to others
Rory O'Connor (Rory's Stories) black and white profile photo


Comedian Rory O’Connor has amassed over 1.2 million followers and 2 billion video views across his social media channels, Rory’s Stories.

Following this online success he has brought his comedy to sold-out theatres throughout Ireland and as far as the USA and Australia. This success on stage has translated beyond stand-up comedy, in becoming a four-time bestselling author, public speaker and even starring in the hit RTE TV Show – Gaelic in the Joy

However, more importantly, Rory is a mental health advocate and is passionate about helping people; young and old. He has shared his own personal journey and struggles with mental health with tens of thousands of people in the hope to uplift, inspire and bring positive change.

Rory O'Connor (Rory's Stories) black and white profile photo



During Rory’s workplace talks, he shares his own personal journey with managing his own mind. He speaks about his own experiences and the setbacks that he is constantly battling. He also shows the importance of building resilience and a strong mindset – giving you the best chance to fight against the demons.

He stresses the importance of knowing your own worth, being happy within your own life and also maintaining that work/life balance. Beyond that, he talks about the importance of finding your passions in life – either professionally, socially or artistically, giving you the freedom to express yourself and helping you live a happy and more fulfilled life.

Although serious topics Rory brings fun to his talks, mixing in some classic “Rory’s Stories” to ensure everyone enjoys themselves. while still walking away and taking something positive from the day

Rory’s talks are focused on the following key topics:

  • Managing your mental health 
  • Resilience 
  • Following your passion



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“The day was a great success. Everyone was thrilled with Rory’s talk. It was very relatable and inspiring, and he really kept everyone engaged throughout his story. Everyone is still talking about it today, and it even encouraged a few people to open up and share their own experiences and struggles. Overall, they were very happy with Rory’s talk, and it seems it has had a positive impact on their employees, which is amazing to hear.” 

Donagh O’Sullivan, Senior Marketing Executive, TLI Group

“We were absolutely thrilled with Rory last week,

He had the whole audience’s attention the whole way through both talks and we are aware of individuals from site who have reached out for help since hearing his talk which is absolutely fantastic. He was a gent to deal with and we look forward to having him back again sometime.”

Sile Scanlon, EHS Advisor Cotter Building

“What a pleasure it was to attend this webinar organised by O’Leary Insurances Ltd this afternoon in support of the fundraising campaign for the charity, “Shifting Gears on Brian Health”. Rory is a wonderful example to anybody at any stage of life that we all possess the capability to triumph in the face of adversity no matter how heavily stacked against us the odds may seem at the time. Rory shared anecdotes from his past from struggling through school to a stint in Quinn Direct Insurance, the latter including the job interview was comical. He expressed his frustration and relief following his dyslexia and ADHD diagnosis later in life as the difficulties he faced for a significant part of his life could have been avoided with earlier detection. Today, Rory has amassed over 2 billion video hits across his social media channel and is a 4x bestselling author. Proof that everything is made possible through self-belief. Thanks Rory.”

Ronan McGowan, Account Executive, O’Leary Insurances

“Rory spoke with our staff on two occasions in May 2023, he was refreshing and frank about his journey, the challenges he faced, his own mistakes and ultimately how he reached a better place through greater self-awareness, support from family, friends and colleagues and professional advice.  Word of mouth ensured that the second session was even better attended than the first and the talks brought a diverse group of staff together with everyone taking something positive away.  It was an excellent start to our Health and Wellbeing programme and we will look to repeat in the future.”

Amanda Byrne, Director of Staff, Wexford County Council 

We were delighted to have Rory speak for us during our AXA Wellbeing Month last week.

As you know we are the largest insurer within Ireland with a workforce over 1200 people so having someone like Rory was important for us to highlight the ‘day to day’ challenges within the mental health space. Rory was a pleasure to meet. Right from the get go he was very natural, enthusiastic and absolutely full of devilment! The staff who attended really enjoyed the content. It covered a huge range of topics and very importantly ones that we can all relate to. The one about school certainly struck a chord with people. We wish Rory and the team all the very best for the future”

Faye Gorman, Business Specialist, AXA Insurance

“Rory spoke with the Department’s corporate services division at a recent conference. He shared his story in a very honest and down to earth way. His vulnerability was inspiring and his message hit home for many in the audience. We also had plenty of laughs to counterbalance the serious topic. He handled questions sensitively, and offered some practical and helpful advice.”

Harry Lester, Assistant Secretary – Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment