Sally Bibb

Sally Bibb

Award Winning Author and Organisation Transformation Expert

why book sally?

  • Sally is a leader in the global strengths revolution, transforming organisational cultures and individual lives
  • Former director at The Economist, Sally founded Engaging Minds, her strengths consultancy, leveraging her extensive experience and insight
  • Her consultancy, Engaging Minds, has introduced strengths approaches to diverse organisations, from helping Saga prepare for stock market flotation to mitigating risks in nursing appointments
Sally Bibb


Sally is one of the leaders of the global strengths revolution that’s transforming both the cultures of organisations and people’s lives.

Her stories of the impact the approach has had in the likes of EY, the NHS and Starbucks surprises, inspires and galvanises audiences. Is it really possible that you can save millions of pounds in just a few months? And can your people (at every level) become greater at what they do and get happier in the process? Sally says yes, and, in her talks, she reveals exactly how and why. She was a director at The Economist before setting up her strengths consultancy, Engaging Minds.

As founder of Engaging Minds she has introduced strengths approaches to many well known organisations. From helping Saga to prepare for flotation on the UK stock market to removing risk from senior nurses being appointed into the wrong job, the work Engaging Minds is fascinating and leads to real change.

Sally Bibb

Some of the clients that Sally has worked with include Credit Agricole, EY, JPMorgan, PHS Group, Sodexo Justice Services, Roffey Park, Southampton Business School, Starbucks and VW.


Leading Your Team Through The Crisis:

Managers’ webinars or one-to-one coaching calls to support them with: the practical tools for managing home-workers; maintaining trust, productivity and morale; addressing people’s anxieties and worries; and communications.

Survive And Thrive While Working From Home:

Webinars for your teams who are working at home to support them when they may be starting to feel isolated, worried or disengaged.

Building Your Strengths And Staying Positive:

A programme of eight one-hour weekly webinars to keep people engaged, productive and make them feel supported through the crisis.

Communicating Well In Challenging Times:

Getting the tone and message right and communicating regularly is so important at times like this. We can advise you and/or write your communications to your employees and key stakeholders.

Other topics include:

  • Free your people to achieve exceptional performance
  • How a strengths approach transforms well being and resilience
  • The Strengths Revolution: How to achieve a win-win-win, for your shareholders, your, employees and your customers
  • Building successful teams with strengths
  • Performance, profit, pleasure: the best kept secret of successful organisations
  • Square pegs in round holes: how organisations are limiting the performance of their talent (and what the pioneering ones are doing differently)

Sally Bibb


You may want to go deeper with your audience. Masterclasses can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme. Please contact one of our expert team to discuss.




“Sally is an Executive Faculty member of Southampton Business School. She regularly speaks at our Executive Education corporate events and has delivered several outstanding keynote addresses. Sally has provided great insights when acting as a panel member at our flagship Executive Learning Partnership Leadership Debate hosted by JP Morgan and our Annual Partner event here at the school.  A lively, challenging and engaging presenter, Sally delivers unique collateral when lecturing in our learning and development programmes. Her interactive style of delivery is very engaging and thought provoking. She brings rigorous and refreshing perspectives around organisational change and leadership development. Her sessions go down extremely well with our business and academic audiences alike.”

Paul Bennett, Director of Enterprise, Southampton Business School, University of Southampton


“Sally has a grounded and humorous approach, instantly allowing the audience to relax and motivated to partake in the session.  Working through The Strengths Book, the group discovered ways to explore their strengths and how tapping into those can lend itself to their overall happiness. Our first session was oversubscribed and we look forward to Sally returning to give others the opportunity to learn how to be more of themselves.”

Denise Percy, Air Traffic Control Service Design Lead, NATS (National Air Traffic Control Service)


“Passionate and very knowledgeable about her subject matter, Sally is an engaging speaker who connects easily and quickly with her audience. I have had the delight of listening to her speak on more than one occasion. She brings the strengths based concept to life with personal vignettes from her own extensive life experience. Be prepared for a captivated audience who will be stimulated to ask many questions!”

Mike Conway, Director of UK Custodial Operations, Sodexo Justice Services


“Sally was able to bring to life the Strengths concept using her own real world examples and those of her clients.  She has an engaging, warm and open style when presenting and when supporting individuals during the group work sessions.”

Claire Harrison, Head of Western Radar, NATS (National Air Traffic Control Service)

“Sally deals with big ideas and makes change happen.  She’s memorable because her stories make you care.  You see another way and she leaves you pumped up to do things differently. “

Ed Fox, Head of Talent, Financial Conduct Authority


“Having listened to Sally in business presentations and as a speaker at her own book launch, you cannot be anything other than inspired. Sally is a very natural speaker, being engaging, thought provoking and stimulating. Sally’s style is very natural, and I find myself becoming engrossed in the subject matter. All I want to do is listen as I find whatever the subject, Sally presents so well to the varied audience, she really does know how the ‘hold the room’. A very smart and inspiring speaker!”

Clare Noble, Operations Director, PHS Group


“Sally engaged the whole audience from the very outset with her passion and belief in her subject of strengths -based talent management, which came through in a very genuine and sincere way. The examples she provided really brought its practicality and value to life. Sally undoubtedly galvanised the HR professionals present to look at how the Strengths’ approach could be used to improve their talent attraction and development strategy, and hence the bottom-line.”

Anne Brennan, HR Business Consultant, Invest Sheffield


“Sally is very knowledgeable and engaging, her talk on strengths-based recruitment was inspirational and thought provoking, it certainly made me challenge the way we carry out recruitment and development interviews to identify the true strengths of people.”

Helen Lovack, HR Director, Distinction Group