Shanthi Flynn

Advocate for Maximising Potential, Skills & Inclusivity. Advisor on Future of Work & Leadership

why book shanthi?

  • Shanthi is a global advocate for inclusive workplaces, contributing to forums like the World Economic Forum Global Council for Economic Growth and Social Inclusion
  • With 35 years of HR and business experience worldwide, Shanthi co-founded the ZIS Professional Women’s Network
  • Committed to maximising potential and transforming organisations, she actively promotes meritocracy and inclusion as the keys to reversing the skills deficit


A passionate advocate for inclusive and merit-based workplaces, Shanthi Flynn has made it her mission to help people maximise their potential and to transform our organisations for success and productivity.

Bringing her long experience to bear

With 35 years of HR and business experience spanning the globe, Shanthi is  one of the founding members of the ZIS Professional Women’s Network. Before that she was a member of the WEF Global Council for Economic Growth and Social Inclusion, a speaker at the Inclusion Summit and the Paralympics in Rio, a keynote speaker for The Women Foundation (HK) Mentoring Programme, and a speaker and panellist at multiple conferences on topics ranging from The Future of Work, to Multi-Channel Organisations, to Leading High-Performance Teams.

Meritocracy + inclusion will reverse the skills deficit

Shanthi believes we urgently need to stop the decline in skills and replace it with a meritocracy. We need the best of our minds, with all of us contributing, to solve the daunting challenges we face today. We have to rethink how we train our student, our employees, and our leaders.


The Truth About The Talent Shortage

“Is there a talent shortage — or a recognition shortage?”

Our education systems lag behind societal needs. We are frozen in a system created for the agricultural revolution, with long summer breaks so children could help with the harvest. We lock 30 or more children in classrooms that look similar to the 1800s, teaching the same stuff in the same way, with a bit of technology thrown in.

At the same time companies complain of talent shortages, insisting on hiring graduates only and cutting back budgets on trainings and learning programmes. We don’t have a talent shortage; we have a training shortage. Companies need to hire differently and work with schools and colleges to create a more dynamic ecosystem.

In this keynote, Shanthi shows how we can solve the talent problem with a new way of thinking about schools, businesses and society. No more war for talent; instead a battle for maximising the potential of the biggest talent pool the world has ever had.

Our Missing Leaders

“Join my global campaign for higher standards”

It’s the job of the CEO and the executive leaders as a group to live the values of the organisation they serve. Everyone in the organisation sees what their leaders do when they break their own rules and when they start to act with self-interest. Clarifying the role of the executive in the modern organisation and understanding how leaders’ actions reveal their values is the topic of this interactive keynote.

Shanthi will challenge you to be a value-based leader, remembered for more than just growing the top line. You can be creators of a culture people want to work in, delivering great results, and improving the health of planet and society.

Shanthi Flynn


“She leaves people feeling listened to and respected. She combines extraordinary people skills with a rock solid business sense, bringing leaders to concrete, actionable conclusions”

Kevin Lane, ZIS Board Chair


“She connects easily and readily across all levels of an organisation showing genuine interest in the view of others”

Victoria Bethlehem, Adecco Group


“You were absolutely fantastic and we can’t thank you enough for your wonderfully warm, wise and inspiring presentation”

“Shanthi led HR for Asia building our people capacity across multiple dimensions and countries. I valued her partnership at strategic and tactical levels working with me, Country CEOs and CHRMs to push for peak performance”

Greg Foran, CEO Walmart US


“Shanthi has enviable ability of being strategic, caring and highly effective. She connected well with person not he street, and that is what leadership is all about”

Ger Doyle, President Modis North America