Steve Chapman

Artist, Writer and Speaker interested in creativity and the human condition.

why book steve?

  • Steve is a renowned artist, writer, and speaker, delivering talks worldwide on creativity and collaborating with over 80 organisations to nurture creativity within them
  • Known for counter-cultural projects like “Sound of Silence,” the world’s first silent podcast, and “Inexpert,” an anti-TED conference challenging traditional ideas
  • Steve has published two books, maintains a popular blog, and serves as visiting faculty on esteemed UK-based MSc programs, showcasing his depth of knowledge


Steve is an artist, writer and speaker interested in creativity and the human condition.  He has spoken around the world on the subject of creativity and has worked with over 80 organisations to help them nurture the creative spirit of the human beings within them.  As an artist he has sold his work across 5 continents and exhibited alongside the likes of Pablo Picasso and David Shrigley.

He is also known for his counter-cultural conceptual art projects such as Sound of Silence, the worlds first silent podcast featuring special guests, and Inexpert – the conference designed to be the opposite of TED.

Steve has published two books and is the author of a popular blog.  He is also visiting faculty on a number of esteemed UK-based MSc programmes.   He is at his best when he is not quite sure what he is doing.

Recent client include Twinings, IKEA, Cannes Lions, BBC, Octopus, NABS, Pret A Manger and AT Kearney.


• creativity


• being human


• culture change


• organisational change


• artful practice

• leadership


• shame


• inner critic


• resilience


• mental health

Steve Chapman


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“Attending a Steve Chapman talk is like a annual dose of connecting with what it is to be human again. Amazing talk and a privilege”


“Steve is a rare creature – someone who has all the corporate credibility and status that you could wish for, but manages to retain his essential and creative self at the same time. He is a walking advertisement for what he espouses, which is the blending of process and systems with pure creativity and play. The energy he injects into the room with his persuasive good sense and infectious enjoyment of his subject lasts a long time in the memory. Worth seeking out!”


“Once again, Steve’s talk was the highlight of the entire conference. Brilliant”

“Steve’s session has altered me in ways that I still haven’t fully made sense of. I found it inspirational and moving and a great example of the learning that can be accomplished in a very short time given the proper experiential learning environment”


“As a speaker Steve is engaging, inspiring, funny and most of all really made me think about the constraints I have put on my imagination and creativity since I became a grown-up.”


“Steve has a very poetic way of speaking that is quite mesmerising”