Terence Mauri black and white headshot

Terence Mauri

Disruption Thinker & Expert on the Future of Leadership, Partner and Entrepreneur Mentor at MIT Solve, Founder of Hack Future Lab, Best-selling author

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  • His disruptive ideas have been published in The Economist, Forbes, Reuters, Huffington Post and Wired
  • Nike has described him as having ‘the most wisdom per word of any keynote speaker’
  • Co-authored ‘Building Resilient Organisations’ in partnership with Thinkers50
Terence Mauri black and white headshot


Terence Mauri is a globally renowned speaker who never fails to get audiences thinking. His disruptive ideas have been published in The Economist, Forbes, Reuters, Huffington Post and Wired and he has delivered keynotes for clients including Visa, Kellogg’s Europe, Facebook, VMware, VW and HSBC. Thinkers50 describes Terence as an ‘influential and outspoken expert on the future of leadership,’ but his reach goes much further, because his desire is for everyone to understand their leadership purpose in business and life. Only then are we able to outpace the disruption that will inevitably come, personally or professionally.

Terence believes the world is at a crucial inflection point, as global forces (AI, climate change, systemic threats) and the reality of continual uncertainty catalyse humanity to switch from a model of ‘value extraction’ to one of ‘value creation’. Instead of ROI being our default measure of success, Terence says it should be Return on Imagination, Ideas, Integrity and Intelligence.

Terence’s rise to prominence is rooted in a pivotal life event, when he was hospitalised after a car drove into a store where he was shopping. At the time, Terence was enjoying huge success with Saatchi & Saatchi, where he was a director, but the hospital stay prompted him to think more deeply.

He realised he wanted to engage at a deeper human level and help others ignite their potential. Today, Terence is founder of Hack Future Lab, a global leadership think-tank, and holds Entrepreneur Mentor roles at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, London School of Economics and London Business School.

Terence Mauri black and white headshot

As a hugely charismatic and entertaining speaker—Nike has described him as having ‘the most wisdom per word of any keynote speaker’—Terence urges organisations and leaders to be pre-emptive about disruption. He says “leaders must harness disruption as a tailwind for reimagining relevancy across growth, leadership and success’. To do this, they must master the logic of competition: they’re now competing on learning, ecosystems, physical/digital imagination and resilience.

The more things become automated, Terence argues, the bigger the opportunity to elevate what it is that makes us human, and it’s on those human qualities that our ability to adapt rests. And when we adapt, we can thrive. Terence calls it HumanScale.

In 2022, Terence co-authored a new book ‘Building Resilient Organisations’ in partnership with Thinkers50. It’s packed with tools, insights, and stories of how to scale courage DNA in leaders and their organisations.


Building Resilient Organisations

Understanding and achieving resilience have never been more important in our tumultuous times. Some organisations have resilience in their DNA. They possess the agility of mind, culture, and organisation to survive and thrive no matter what is put in their way. Building Resilient Organisations is focused on identifying what sets these enterprises apart, exploring the nature of resilience for organisations. Along the way, we discover some inspiring global examples of resilient projects in practice and some novel thinking for leaders to consider about what it takes to be resilient over the long haul. With contributions from leading thinkers and practitioners from throughout the world including Hack Future Lab founder Terence Mauri, Building Resilient Organisations will enable you and your organisation to further develop resilience as a muscle in your organisation

Future Trends & Disruption Future of Work

Hack the Future

With business’ ability to predict accurately being increasingly curtailed by myriad disruptive forces (such as Covid19, AI, climate change) leaders need to understand that uncertainty is here to stay. In this powerful keynote, Margaret illustrates the tools and approaches leaders need to adopt in order to navigate the ‘new normal’ with confidence and purpose.

The Future of Trust

58% of people think that business models today are broken. It’s time to rethink the future of trust. How do you unlock the trust advantage in your organisation?

Beyond Disruption

The global pandemic turned our working world upside down. How do you thrive through uncertainty and take your leadership to the next dimension?


Terence encourages and helps leaders to think better, be creative and be bold in their strategies. He discusses his experience and observations working with  the most transformational leaders around the world.

  • Human-led, tech-enabled
  • Intentionally diverse
  • Purpose-driven
  • Operationally nimble
  • Built for Speed


Be HUMAN (Anti-fragility, HumanScale, Unlearning, Mindset, Authenticity, the ‘No’ strategy)

Failure is part of being human; it is not a badge of shame. Successes are just smart failures. In this talk inviting us to be ‘failure pioneers,’ Terence unpicks the idea of failure and flips our perspective on it so we can embrace it fully as part of a very human process which sees us grow stronger from the shock waves of business and workforce disruption.

Terence Mauri


You may want to go deeper with your audience. Masterclasses can be tailored and developed to suit your audience needs, be it a 90-minute Masterclass, a half-day or full-day workshop or a full online or face-to-face programme. Please contact one of our expert team to discuss.

How to Win in the Age of Disruption

We have collaborated with Terence Mauri, author of the global bestseller, The Leader’s Mindset: How To Win In The Age of Disruption, described as a “game changer” by Harvard Business School, to create this Masterclass.





“Terence’s keynote is like a double espresso! His keynote was inspiring, engaging, and provoking session about the future of leadership”


“It’s been a pleasure to work with you, Terence! Great job on the keynote … and I really mean that. Your energy and material was right on!”

Gartner Leadership Team

“Terence’s generous contribution and thoughtful intervention added a great value to the fascinating discussions and deliberations brought to the table by a collection of global consumer protection enforcers and international experts from all over the world.”

Competitive Bureau Canada

“I had the pleasure to attend a very inspirational talk delivered by Terence Mauri, “The huge power of thinking like a kid”. I was impressed by his enthusiasm and ability to communicate as a speaker. He was able to spark some very powerful thoughts and insights in the audience and me. Thanks very much for coming to Visa Terence!

Visa University

“Terence was incredibly impactful, delivering the closing keynote at our Ctrl + Alt + Del: Re-invent Finance Roundtable event. He not only understands the challenges faced by the most senior leaders at large, global organisations, but also provides actionable ways to change mindsets and turn challenge into opportunity. His keynote was pitch perfect; with the ideal mix of humour, research, insights and storytelling to capture the attention and minds of the audience. Thoroughly enjoyable and insightful!”

Elizabeth van den Berg, Vice President // Insight Partners

“Terence Mauri is an influential and outspoken expert on the future of leadership.”


“Thank you for an inspiring talk and sharing with us a peek into the future. Great keynote.”


“Great speech. Very inspiring.”

CEO, Nestle EMEA

“Thanks again, Terence for joining our Global leadership offsite and really blowing the cobwebs away.”


“Terence Mauri came to Dublin as one of our guest speakers. His talk on the theme of “Disruption” was of great interest to our members and was very well received. The session was both interactive and engaging.”

Mari O’Leary , President EO Ireland

“Terence thank you for an inspiring talk and sharing with us a peep into the future.  Great keynote and thanks for helping us launch Facebook”

Hack The Future

“Terence Mauri is a great speaker because he’s a great listener. From the moment we engaged him, Terence went out of his way to understand our event, our audiences, the core messages we wanted to get across, and the cultural context in which they would be delivered. From there he was able to craft a unique keynote that engaged, inspired and entertained our audience (several hundred of Hong Kong’s top business leaders). Terence was a joy to work with and we would not hesitate to recommend him for any corporate speaking engagements in future.”

RacePoint Global (Hong Kong Business Awards)

“Terence Mauri illustrates how to stay nimble, yet decisive in our rapidly changing world. A fine speaker looking for anyone to take their mindset to the next level.”