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In recent decades, STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) have driven economic advancements, yet there is now a recognition that STEM fields are missing one vital ingredient which would make them more effective, and that is the Arts. The inclusion of this more creative discipline has been shown to boost other STEM skills and encourage innovation and engagement. Introducing Arts into the equation transforms STEM into STEAM.

If you are hosting an event that focuses on the topics of STEM or STEAM, it is imperative that you choose the correct master of ceremonies or keynote speaker to effectively communicate the key message of introducing the Arts into the existing STEM fields.

Here at Personally Speaking Bureau, we have a handpicked selection of Keynote speakers for you to choose from who can really engage your audience and bring the themes to life.

If your event is in need of an engaging, witty speaker who can really hold the attention of both lay and expert audiences, then Dr. Niamh Shaw is for you. Dr Niamh Shaw is an Irish engineer, scientist, performer, and was recently voted one of Ireland’s leading science communicators and STEAM specialists. After she had a successful career in academia, she felt that despite her success, she was still failing. This sense of failure derived from the fact that her artistic desires were not being met by the traditional education system.

Clare Dillon has over 20 years of know-how in leadership development, business strategy, and technology evangelism, as well as  first hand experience of developing and implementing some of the latest technology trends in Microsoft Ireland. Clare was part of the Microsoft Leadership team as they transformed from a software product to a cloud services organisation. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things technology and is the perfect Keynote speaker for any Tech event.

Aine Kerr is a teacher turned journalist, and specialises in the areas of media, technology, business, and education. She was instrumental in creating the Facebook Journalism Project and the News Integrity Initiative (NII) which focuses on the reporting of suspicious or false news articles within Facebook. Prior to her time at Facebook, Aine worked at Storyful for five years where she was the head of content and political editor. These projects are brilliant examples of what can be achieved with scientific rigour, emerging technologies and a little bit of creative storytelling. Aine has had an impressive career thus far, having  also been a political correspondent and news reporter at The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, and The Irish Examiner.

Kate D Adamson is an expert in how mega-trends in technology will impact the way humans safely, sustainably, and profitably protect our oceans, rivers, ports, and canals. Kate offers a visionary perspective on both the future threats and opportunities that technology will deliver to shipping, maritime and the wider blue economy. Her unparalleled understanding will keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

If you are planning a conference or event to highlight the importance of introducing the Arts to the existing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths fields, contact us to discuss which presenter, MC, or speaker would suit your audience, budget, and goals.


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