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Ted Talks have got it down to a T

By September 21, 2018No Comments

I spend a lot of time looking at videos of speakers, change makers and influencers. I listen to Podcasts and surf the net searching for inspiration and fresh ideas that we can bring to our customers around the world.  There is some good content out there and an awful lot that is tepid, that is being generous! There are some excellent resources such has HBR IdeaCast, NPR, Desert Island Discs and many others however the one place I keep going back to and am endlessly impressed with, is and their range of TED talks!

In my opinion the folk at TED talks have nailed curation to a T. They have created a world class centre of excellence and thought leadership. From the design of the RED SPOT and black background set, the research put into finding interesting ideas to share and the grace that is given to the people sharing their stories. Whether you are in the audience or watching a talk on your mobile, the experience is always a memorable one. Chris Anderson and his team are brilliant curators and if you are interested in curation it’s well worthwhile observing their methods.

The big TED conferences (TED Global, TED Women, TEDYouth) are events I depend on for finding talented speakers. No one gets on any of those stages without great content, thoughtful messages, ability to engage and personal journeys of interest – the perfect combination in my book.

The TED Mission

The TED Mission includes: “….welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.

Recently one of my favourite speakers Mark Pollock and his fiancé Simone George were invited to speak at TED Global in Vancouver to share their journey and the outstanding work they’re undertaking to cure paralysis. Feast your mind and take some time to take a look at their TED talk: A Love Letter to Realism in a Time of Grief.

Our Recommendations

Over the last ten years I have been lucky enough to attend many TED conferences.  Forget about the line of work I am in, the few days at TED is always a life enhancing experience. It is hard to select only a few talks as I work with many of the TED speakers. But for today I am selecting these five TED talks that I admire. I know from speaking with my clients that they admire these speakers too.

The Dangers of Wilful Blindness – Margaret Heffernan
Looking Past Limits – Caroline Casey
The Power of Introverts – Susan Cain
As work gets more complex, 6 Rules to Simplify – Yves Morieux
Brain Magic – Keith Barry

Finally a huge congratulations to Mark Pollock and Simone George on all they have achieved, and their sheer tenacity. The world is a better place because of people like them!

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