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Doing these 3 Things will increase your wellbeing at work today

By April 8, 2016No Comments
Neil O'Brien Motivational Speaker

Neil O’Brien

Let’s be careful that wellness at work doesn’t become the ultimate touchy feely nice thing to do.  We should ensure that wellness at work is good for business too. In this regard Neil O’Brien’s definition of wellness at work is ‘working better and going home happier’. Let’s not be coy about wanting to work better but let’s also ensure that the culture and systems support this objective while keeping enjoyment at work near the top of the agenda.

Neil’s Top 3 things that will transform your wellness at work today:

  1. DO THE RIGHT THING Today do the thing you’ve been avoiding lately. You know what it is; it may be a tricky conversation, a difficult report, a difficult person. Today is good.
  2. DO A GOOD THING  Today give someone a ‘thank you’, an acknowledgement, a compliment, an appreciation. Maybe you have one already or you could simply offer a spontaneous random act of kindness.
  3. SUPPORT SOMEONE ELSE’S RIGHT THING – Encourage someone else to do their ‘right thing’. They may not like you for it but they will thank you for it.

These 3 edge-of-comfort-zone-acts will increase your confidence, boost your energy and send you home happy!

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